a variety of services

R3 Resolutions does not provide legal advice or make determinations on disputes, but rather offers a variety of services which help parties resolve a dispute on their terms.

Those services include:

facilitated early conference

Research shows that personal participation in the mediation process, if a person feels able to do so, is the number one ingredient for a successful resolution. Many parties find great therapeutic benefit in having a facilitated, confidential, conference at the early stages of a dispute for the purpose of ventilating issues and clarifying needs.

R3 Resolutions provides the environment for parties’ concerns to be validated, emotions neutralised and an agreement reached on the way forward. Invariably the cost and time associated to bring the dispute to resolution also reduces, often dramatically.

moderated evidence gathering

The duplication of time and effort by each parties’ lawyer gathering, often the same, evidence leads to increased costs and delays in reaching a resolution. For the parties that means it takes longer to get to a position where they can start working towards a restoration of a sense of self and a rebuilding of their future. For insurers, that leads to increased legal costs, longer claim life and client dissatisfaction.

R3 Resolutions can assist parties reach an agreement on the key evidence required to enable early resolution discussions. Moderated evidence gathering can take place in conference, or by using legal tech currently being developed by R3 Resolutions. Early evidence gathering undoubtedly leads to quicker and cheaper resolution of claims, in many instances, without the need to proceed to mediation at all.

graduated mediation

The resolution of some intensely emotional and traumatic disputes needs to be gradual. While each step of resolution process is critical, for some people, time is needed between each step to enable a party to process the information obtained and to be ready to reach a final resolution. A graduated mediation involves as many, or as few, of the R3 Resolutions services as the dispute needs.

A truly bespoke mediation offering.

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