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about R3

R3 Resolutions proves expert mediation and facilitation services, both online and in person

Established by Julie Somerville, a  lawyer with over 25 years’ experience resolving civil claims, in particular professional indemnity, medical negligence, public liability, intentional torts and institutional abuse claims. 

As a mediator, Julie’s ability to facilitate communications between parties has proved invaluable in a wide range of disputes including partnerships, succession and family provision claims.

R3 Resolutions creates the right environment for those claims to be resolved:

quicker and cheaper than litigation;

in a way that addresses the real needs of the parties; and

by providing a way forward for parties to start rebuilding the future they desire.


Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process where parties work with a neutral and impartial mediator to resolve their dispute. The parties decide how the dispute is resolved, rather than a Court imposing it on them.

R3 Resolutions adopts a facilitative approach to mediation by assisting the parties to have the conversations that they have not previously been able to have, in an open and respectful manner.

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Not all civil claims are the same, particularly those involving high levels of emotion and trauma. Therefore, the resolution of some claims may need a different approach. R3 Resolutions recognises this by offering alternatives to a mediation.

facilitated settlement conference

These conferences often take place shortly after the complaint is first made and before significant legal costs are incurred.

​expert conclave facilitation

Facilitating discussions to produce an expert report that assists the parties and the Court

moderated evidence gathering

Facilitating discussions between parties so an agreement can be reached for collaborative evidence gathering.


Combining facilitative and evaluative techniques to develop a truly bespoke solution to the resolution of the dispute.


I acted for the plaintiff in an extremely complex matter with 3 defendants. The matter had been progressing for 5 years, and a previous mediation had been cancelled. When this cancellation occurred, Julie spoke with me and kindly agreed to placehold another date in the future, so by the time everything was ready to proceed our client did not have to wait any longer. Due to the complexities the matter was unable to be settled, and Julie arranged to resume the mediation the following week and then proceeded with the legal representatives during that time to ensure that the matter could be resolved. It did resolve, and I strongly believe that had another mediator been present, the result may not have occured. Myself and my client are thus indebted to Julie’s professionalism and skills

Historical abuse claim

Hayley Aldrich, Special Counsel, Sydney

Julie is a brilliant mediator whose organisation and calm approach really assists with resolving disputes between parties and bringing everyone to the table. I think Julie’s service of offering a pre-mediation conference is very useful in flagging any issues ahead of the mediation which assists with her management of the parties.

Medical Negligence Claim

Defendant's solicitor, Sydney

Julie is an impressive mediator. She is organised, smart and proactive. I will definitely engage her again and would recommend her to my colleagues.

Medical Negligence Claim

Partner - Insurance Firm, Canberra

I was very impressed with Julie’s engagement with the clients and the process and her efforts to achieve a settlement when it appeared at times that this was out of reach. Will definitely recommend Julie as a mediator in other medical negligence claims.

Medical Negligence Claim

Plaintiff's Counsel, Sydney

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