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2 Parties
3 Parties
4 or more parties
Full Day (incl 2 hours preparation)
$3,700 + GST
$4,000 + GST
$4,300 + GST
Half Day (incl 1 hour preparation)
$2,000 + GST
$2,250 + GST
$2,500 + GST
Facilitated settlement conference (hourly rate)
$450 + GST
$475 + GST
$500 + GST
Moderated evidence gathering (hourly rate)
$450 + GST
$450 + GST
$450 + GST
Graduated mediation (usually a combination of an hourly rate and half day)
As agreed
As agreed
As agreed
Expert Conclave Facilitation (hourly rate)
$450 + GST
$450 + GST
$450 + GST

* Half day mediations generally commence at either 9am or 2pm. If alternative times are sought please contact us to discuss further. 

* R3 Resolutions will consider reduced rates for legally aided or pro bono matters. Please contact us to discuss further.


While based in Sydney, mediation is available in person in Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. No additional fee is charged for travelling to mediations in those locations provided overnight accommodation is not required. If plane travel or overnight accommodation is required it is billed to the parties at cost, and by prior agreement. 

We are also available to conduct mediations in other locations by prior arrangement. Additional costs incurred associated with travelling to such locations may be charged to the parties at cost, and by prior agreement.  

We are also experienced in mediating online, via a variety of platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex  – although Zoom is currently our preference.