a nationally accredited mediator

R3 Resolutions’ principal, Julie Somerville, is a Nationally Accredited Mediator with 25 years’ experience as a litigator and negotiator. She has helped hundreds of people resolve disputes. Julie is well recognised for her ability to provide clarity to complex situations but with a level of empathy and warmth that is unique.

In 2020, Julie’s expertise was recognised by her inclusion in the prestigious Doyles Guide as a Leading Mediator – NSW.

a fair, empathetic and professional practitioner

Before becoming a mediator, Julie gained extensive experience as a lawyer in private practice in several well-regarded Sydney and national law firms. Her ability to simultaneously identify and address the key legal issues and the underlying needs of the parties was highly sought after by many professionals, institutions and insurers. At the same time she is regarded by many plaintiffs’ lawyers as fair, empathetic and professional.

Her expertise has been recognised by her peers in:

doyles guide

Leading and Recommended Medical Negligence and Malpractice Lawyer, Sydney;
2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

Leading Mediator – NSW;

best lawyers in australia

Health and Aged Care Law, Medical Negligence, Insurance Law and Professional Malpractice;
2019 and 2020

resolution institute

Professional Membership;

experience and expertise

For 25 years, Julie specialised in common law claims, in particular professional indemnity, medical negligence, public liability, intentional tort and institutional abuse claims, health care disciplinary complaints and coronial inquiries.

Her expertise in handling civil claims involving allegations of child sexual abuse,  medical negligence and complex trauma  is well known.

As a result, Julie developed a unique insight into the shortcomings of the adversarial process for the resolution of intensely personal and emotional disputes.

All too often parties walked away from settlement discussions having incurred significant legal costs feeling as though their underlying needs had not been met. They were no closer to restoring their sense of self or rebuilding their future.

Driven by a desire to provide parties the opportunity to have all their needs and interests addressed swiftly, cost effectively and with empathy, Julie established R3 Resolutions.

Julie has particular expertise in the resolution of disputes arising from medical negligence, institutional child abuse, elder abuse and personal injury. However, any disputes in which an ongoing relationship is important, such as Family Provision Act and business disputes, would be assisted by Julie’s expertise.

Since establishing R3 Resolutions, Julie’s expertise has also been sought for  partnership disputes, workplace injuries, expedited toxic tort claims and Compensation to Relative claims. 

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