Facilitated Settlement Conference

“if only they said that to me earlier”

This is something that is often heard at the end of a mediation. A facilitated settlement conference can often produce this kind of break through much earlier in the process.

R3 Resolutions facilitates early settlement conferences between parties at a time and location agreed between the parties. These conferences often take place shortly after the complaint is first made and before significant legal costs are incurred. The parties are required to sign confidentiality agreements and agree that the information exchanged is not able to be tendered in evidence, should the matter go to court.

more about facilitated early conferences

Facilitated early conferences provide the opportunity for the parties to meet together with a neutral and independent mediator to shift the focus from anger and attribution of blame to a therapeutic resolution of the claim.

It is well recognized that the people involved in emotional and traumatic claims such as medical negligence, institutional abuse and personal injury need more than just compensation to be able to restore their sense of self and rebuild their future.

They may need:

Assurance that their complaint has been heard;

An understanding of how the incident occurred;

Acknowledgment of the impact of the complaint on their life;

An apology or expression of regret (if appropriate);

An understanding of what steps are able to be taken, and are being taken, to ensure that the incident won’t happen to someone else; or

Assistance in a form other than just compensation.

R3 Resolutions encourages and facilitates the participation of all parties in these conferences, including any support persons or key stakeholders that should be present to ensure that all needs and interests of the parties are able to be addressed. 

If you would like to explore whether a facilitated early conference may assist your dispute please contact us.